The experiences of a queer Asian nerd girl.

I make no promises. Except maybe that I’ll be spending more money than I should… It’s okay. This’ll be fun, right?

Posting will ideally happen on a semi-regular basis, whether it be a review, a purchase, or talking about stuff. Feel free to start a conversation with me about anything you see. This blog was created for fun, and if some other good comes from it, that’s totally fine with me!

My social media (in order from most active to least):
Instagram (brief reviews, what I’m up to, and the most up-to-date stuff)
Goodreads (more detailed book reviews than Instagram, but not as detailed as WordPress)
Tumblr (…um… a lot of stuff I like – some NSFW)
Twitter (mostly the same as what’s on my Instagram)

I cohosted a podcast called Comics ‘n’ Stuffs with my friend, Glenn, who’s the complete demographic opposite of me. We get very inappropriate and often go off in the unexpected directions. But mainly we talk about nerd-culture related things. You can find us on iTunes and Podomatic. It’s currently on hiatus for personal reasons, but we hope to return soon!


[Spider-Woman art by Alex Maleev]