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Philips SHP9500 (aka. great for the price and beyond)


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Hifiman HE-400i (aka. it lives up to the hype)


I saw these puppies on sale and my self-control died. Continue reading “Hifiman HE-400i (aka. it lives up to the hype)”

Ingrid Michaelson – “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense” (aka. better and better!)


After being thoroughly impressed with Ingrid Michaelson’s last album Lights Out, I wasn’t expecting to like It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense as much… But wow, did it ever kick my expectations over the moon! Continue reading “Ingrid Michaelson – “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense” (aka. better and better!)”

Magicforce 68-key mini mechanical keyboard


Sexy, right? Continue reading “Magicforce 68-key mini mechanical keyboard”

SilverStone Headphone Stand (aka. the ultimate stand for meticulous audiophiles)

I’d been debimg_20160414_101428.jpgating for over a year now on whether to invest in one of the gorgeous headphone hangers I’d been eyeing, and finally decided to take the dive this past week. Continue reading “SilverStone Headphone Stand (aka. the ultimate stand for meticulous audiophiles)”

Symphonized XTC vs. Brainwavz Delta (aka. $30 earbud face-off)


Since my hunt for the perfect over-ear headphones didn’t seem to be getting anywhere of late, I decided to try finding myself the perfect pair of in-ear headphones/earbuds. Being an audio novice on a budget, I didn’t want to go over the $30 range for my first “proper” pair. After a bit of research,  I ended up with the Symphonized XTC headphones and the Brainwavz Delta IEM headphones. I’m not gonna give you a full list of all the specs and accessories because you can find that on the Amazon page. Here’s what I think of both headphones and how they compare to each other.

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The hunt for comfortable headphones


If you’re like me and you wear headphones for more than just a couple hours at a time, comfort is very important. Continue reading “The hunt for comfortable headphones”

Recent acquisitions & misc

2015-12-05 16.12.51

From gaming accessories to LEGO mini-figures, statues to do-it-yourself attempts, here be the things I really don’t need, but… well, they magically appeared in my house so I might as well keep them, right? Expect reviews/thoughts on them when applicable.

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