The nutshell:

I’m in my mid-twenties. I like to read fiction books and comics (and, yes, fanfiction), write, play videogames, take pictures of things, spend money on stuff I don’t really need, and gush (usually about fictional characters). That’s what this blog will be about! I’m generally friendly, and can be shamelessly flirtatious and/or inappropriate when I’m comfortable. Feel free to strike up conversations with me 😉

Some other things:

I’m a feminist. This shouldn’t be confused with being a man-hater. Men are great! I have plenty of male friends I’m very fond of. I believe women are just as great and deserve the same respect, opportunities, and the like.

legend-of-korra-episode-220-korrasami-scene-1x1I’m not straight. If you want to get all label-y, I’m a cis-gendered homoromantic pansexual woman. People seem to get confused when they hear all those words. Basically, it means I was born female and identify as female (cis-gendered), I can be sexually attracted to anyone I fancy (pansexual), but I only ever fall for the ladies (homoromantic). If that’s too much to comprehend, you can just think of me as a lesbian. I don’t mind.

Plot twist: I’m a Christian. This is by personal choice. There are a lot of people who don’t think loving God and being a proud rainbow unicorn go together. It’s taken me a while to adjust (and it isn’t easy), but it works for me. I don’t have everything perfectly figured out. I’m not going to push my views (religious or otherwise) on anyone. You’re allowed to respectfully disagree with anything I say.

I’m also not white. I’m Asian. More specifically, Filipino. But I was born and raised in Canada. It seems I’m in an interesting little minority niche.isabela

When it comes to consuming movies, shows, comics, and other fictional works, I tend to focus a lot on characters. Female characters particularly. Rivaini rogues especially.

Sure, story is important, but I don’t tend to notice plot holes and am forgiving of predictability when I’m fascinated by the way a character interacts with her surroundings, or when I’m amused by her interactions with other characters. If I like the character, I care about the story being told and I’ll see it through. If it’s a groundbreaking plot but I don’t care about the characters, I’m likely going to stop.

I’m interested in audio and tech stuff, but I’m just beginning to learn about it… and it’s a very big and complicated world. If you’re knowledgeable about these things, bear with me – or better yet, give me some tips! I’m always open to learning new things.

The main point:

I want to share my experiences in a safe, positive space where others can join in, comment, make friends, and share their own knowledge and experiences with me. And – I’m gonna be totally honest here – I kinda just wanna talk about fictional ladies with people! *cough*

ANYWAY. Let’s get on with it, shall we?