Blood Stain Vol 2 by Linda Sejic (2017)

Both Sejic spouses seem to have a thing for writing characters who are cute in their own quirky, misfit ways. Probably because they’re both big nerds. It’s lovely. This second trade paperback of Linda’s Blood Stain gets us into the real beginning of the interesting stuff.

Last volume, readers were introduced to Elliot, a university graduate struggling to find and keep a steady job. She lives with her sister (and her sister’s family) in their mother’s house and things have gotten stressful with the family barely managing to keep afloat. Desperate, Elliot gives her last resort a try and winds up in a big house in the middle of nowhere with a Dr. Frankenstein lookalike and his chef (nanny?).

Volume two is about Elly doing her best to settle in and make good first impressions.

What should you expect from this series? I’d best describe it as slice-of-life featuring a nervous wreck, a socially awkward mad scientist, and a normal guy who mediates between them. I’m not sure where it’s going. It isn’t like Stjepan’s frame narrative Sunstone that starts us off knowing the endgame. There are little hints in the bonus artwork and in Sunstone (yes – they’re set in the same universe and interconnect!). However, as to where the series leads and how the characters will develop, your guess is as good as mine. And that’s alright. I’m interested enough to keep following along.

If you’re not sure you want to put money into it yet, good news: it’s free online! Check it out and even read beyond what’s currently been published. Linda posts pages as she goes.

For this volume, I’m rating it:

3.5/5 stars