Solve for i marks the third of AE Dooland’s self-published original works. It’s a character-driven, heartwarming read that focuses on friendship, romance, figuring out who you are (and who you’re into), and finding happiness.

Through funding on Kickstarter, this book was released on a per-chapter basis culminating in an eBook and paperback. I read the final chapter today and I just… URGH. Dooland is such an amazing writer. I love the journey she takes us on with Gemma Rowe as she realizes she likes women and is actually in love with her best friend. I know, I know, maybe it sounds like an old cliché on the outside, but good stories are about characters and presentation, and no one writes like Dooland! You’ll find this to be fresh and relatable, regardless of who you are, because its themes are universal.

You’ll fall in love with the mess of a person Gemma is, facepalm, groan, want to pull your hair out, squeal with delight, laugh yourself silly, and cheer wholeheartedly as she bumbles her way through the messes she finds herself in (that she often puts herself in). She’s a quirky, socially awkward, well-meaning lead who you can’t help but want to protect and give a good-natured kick in the bum to.

For those of you who’ve read Under My Skin and Flesh and Blood, you’ll get to see all the old gang again. Gemma is every bit the engaging and sympathetic lead that Min is from the first two books, but she’s very much her own unique person.

Anyone familiar with Dooland’s work knows they’re in for a great ride, with her trademark sophisticated storytelling, distinct characters, ability to squeeze a wide range of emotions out of you, and flawless editing. For those of you who are new to her work, ohoho-boy are you in for a treat!

I can’t praise this work highly enough. It’s worth reading multiple times (and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t re-read much).

5/5 stars

**Paperbacks and eBooks now available on Amazon**

Check out AE Dooland’s website! She’s also on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram as @asynca, has a Facebook page, and posts amazing fanfiction on AO3 and FF.

Yes, I’m endorsing her to everyone. No, she’s not paying me to do it. I just love her and believe in her work that much.