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February 2017

The Snow Queen’s Shadow (aka. the “happily ever after”)


The Snow Queen’s Shadow by Jim C Hines (2011) brings my absolute favourite twisted fairy tale story to a close. Continue reading “The Snow Queen’s Shadow (aka. the “happily ever after”)”


Solve for i (aka. i = ALL THE FEELS)”


Solve for i marks the third of AE Dooland’s self-published original works. It’s a character-driven, heartwarming read that focuses on friendship, romance, figuring out who you are (and who you’re into), and finding happiness. Continue reading “Solve for i (aka. i = ALL THE FEELS)””

The Wolf Among Us (aka. Who’s afraid of the big bad werewolf?)


In my attempt to cross some games off my backlog before Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda release, I jumped on a shorter game to get through: The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games. Continue reading “The Wolf Among Us (aka. Who’s afraid of the big bad werewolf?)”

Hifiman HE-400i (aka. it lives up to the hype)


I saw these puppies on sale and my self-control died. Continue reading “Hifiman HE-400i (aka. it lives up to the hype)”

Autumnlands Vol 1 (aka. furries in a dangerous time)


Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw by Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey, Jordie Bellaire, and Comicraft (2015) Continue reading “Autumnlands Vol 1 (aka. furries in a dangerous time)”

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