The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet & Elsa Charretier (2015)

I got the chance to read some of the single issues as they released but didn’t catch the whole run so I was a little confused. I liked what I read enough to buy the trade and I am so glad I did!

Unabashedly political. Empowering, feminist, social justice-heavy. This is a book with a message and it’s going to make sure you know it. Frankly, I love that about it. Comics are a medium just like any other, and they should be used to illustrate social inequalities and encourage people to break the status quo for the betterment of society. They don’t always have to be that way, but when they are used to tell a story with a distinct sociopolitical message, done right, it makes the medium more mature and relevant. Comics aren’t just for kids, and the content should reflect that. The Infinite Loop does exactly this.

It’s also an action/adventure sci-fi time-traveling lesbian romance about changing your destiny.

Elsa Charretier’s artwork is beautiful. She has a distinct style that’s confident and playful, but doesn’t detract from the serious or passionate moments. It meshes perfectly with the writing.

Pierrick Colinet writes simply but effectively, and with breathtaking social intelligence. Teddy, Ano, and Ulysses make a well-rounded trio that challenge each other as much as they support each other. Teddy is a badass. What’s better is that she’s a badass who has moments of weakness. You’ll feel for her, for what she’s going through, and what she’s fighting for.

This is a great read for a more mature audience. One of my favourites.

5/5 stars