Here’s a list of my personal favourite voice actresses and the roles I personally love them best in. In no particular order, these ladies make me shiver, swoon, cry, cheer, and all-around marvel at their voices and performances. I don’t claim to know all of the actors out there, so if there’s an amazing one you think I’ve missed (or am missing out on), let me know! I’d love to check them out!


jennife-r1-074-35a1) Jennifer Hale
Female Commander Shepard (Mass Effect series)
Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

mv5bmtc5ndq1ntc3ml5bml5banbnxkftztgwotm1mtu4mte-_v1_sx1024_cr0010241538_al_2) Ali Hillis
Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect)
Claire “Lightning” Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)

mv5bmtq3ntu0mja3ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzgwndu2nje-_v1_uy317_cr200214317_al_3) Laura Bailey
Female Voice 1/The Boss/ The President (Saints Row series)
Fiona (Tales From The Borderlands)

cl82jskwgae4slb4) Alix Wilton Regan
Female Inquisitor (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
Samantha Traynor (Mass Effect 3)

4200038_300x3005) Jo Wyatt
Female Hawke (Dragon Age 2)
Ciri (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

left_headshot26) Victoria Kruger
Isabela (Dragon Age 2)

claudia-black-20-157) Claudia Black
Morrigan (Dragon Age series)

6r20pfilf4odjajg0w248) Jen Taylor
Cortana (Halo series)
Salem (RWBY)

mv5bmjeznti4mzaznl5bml5banbnxkftztcwnteynzq1na-_v1_uy317_cr120214317_al_9) Tricia Helfer
EDI (Mass Effect 2 & 3)
Sarah Kerrigan/The Queen of Blades (StarCraft 2)

ik199-970x54510) Ashly Burch
Chloe Price (Life Is Strange)
Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat X)