rc9comaInjustice: Gods Among Us – Year Two, Volume 2
By Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller, & Tom Derenick

Tom Taylor has a heart. He knows how pissed off people are about Batwoman not being allowed to get married in her own solo title, so he lets her be married to Renee Montoya in his own series. He knows there’s a lot more to Harley than a ditsy clown girlfriend, and he shows us her heart and conflict. He notices the lack of healthy portrayals of the Batman/Catwoman relationship, and takes time to show some of that. He also seems to recognize how badly readers took Wonder Woman from earlier in the series, and is again benching her for this volume – hopefully to figure out how to write her better when she returns. I’m starting to see a pattern of Taylor fixing the things he’s unhappy with, righting wrongs in the DC universe, and I’m growing quite the respect for him because of it. Even within this volume, Taylor does a painful thing, and later finds a way to mend the wound as best he can.

Like all of the previous volumes of Injustice, this one’s action-packed, but it also has moments that shine with character and individual personalities. It’s a team book that has a large cast, but many of the members are still given the space to reveal their dimensions. That’s no easy task, but Taylor does it, and does it well. I can’t help marveling at how he writes this series and these characters with such quality and consistency.

4.5/5 stars