Go Get A Roomie by Chloé C (2010-2013)

It’s taken almost a month to get to me but it’s so worth it! I read past everything in Book One online and couldn’t get enough. When I got it today, I re-read it in paperback form (and I rarely re-read anything because what is free time?) and I have to say, it’s even better the second time around.

Amazing work. Not only do you get silliness, pervy jokes, and major inclusivity/acceptance, but there are charming characters who undergo genuine development in a realistic way, and sincere relationships that have great chemistry.

The depth is what sets it apart. Stuff like Ménage à 3 are funny and dirty, but the characters don’t really grow, and the interactions – though amusing – lack an anchor to keep me wholly invested. Go Get A Roomie has the fun in abundance, but there are little character moments that give you insight to someone’s inner thoughts, micro-interactions brimming with personality and emotion, and a tender thoughtfulness to quiet moments that really crown this series as something over and above the usual comic strip.

Numerous times, I’d find myself thinking about the characters at work, imagining scenarios and shipping with all my heart. I absolutely adore this series and – believe me when I say this – I can’t wait for more!

5/5 stars