Here I give you another completely self-indulgent blog post about my favourite female characters played in a live-action role. The order starts from most favourite. I love all these ladies, but what can I say? We all have favourites, right?

Think I’m missing someone or have someone in mind you think I’d like? Comment or message me!

Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess) – Lucy Lawless


Yes, Xena can be pretty serious and deep, and she has that whole “badgirl looking for redemption” thing going for her, but she also has a silly streak that only her partner, Gabrielle, can bring out in her. For her unparalleled skills as a warrior, her wisdom, her depth, and her inner soft side, Xena takes my top spot. Oh, and have you seen her? She’s as formidable physically as she is frikkin sexy. In combination with those piercing blue eyes… I never stood a chance.

Lexa kom Trikru/Heda (The 100) – Alycia Debnam-Carey


I’ve heard someone call Lexa “Commander Heart-Eyes” and it’s true. While she certainly is a stoic, tough, ruthless commander of the thirteen clans, she also has a ridiculously soft heart when it comes to the people she loves. Duty comes first with this warrior, and her restraint when dealing with Clarke is as admirable as it is adorable. That makes it all the more breathtaking when Lexa does let Clarke in, or when you see the hope or love in her eyes… And now I’ve got heart-eyes again. Lexa follows close at Xena’s heels as my second spot.


Danny Lawrence (Carmilla) – Sharon Belle


Oh Danny… From the moment she entered the Carmilla stage, I was smitten. Tall, athletic, intelligent, helpful, supportive even after she’s been rejected… Danny’s primary concern is that the people she cares about are happy and safe – the other drama can be put aside for later. Protective and loyal, this warrior-at-heart is also a sweet softie to those close to her. If Carmilla’s a vampire, Danny would be more akin to a werewolf. I also have a soft spot for redheads. This lovely lady gets third place.


Rachel (Imagine Me & You) – Piper Perabo


Rachel is sweet and, in a way, innocent. She’s warm, loving, open, and friendly, with playfulness that’s utterly charming to behold. When meeting Luce opens her eyes to what being in love feels like, she tries her best not to hurt anyone (even if it ends up hurting her). She’s a sweetheart and would be perfect for a good cuddle any time.


Marley (Glee) – Melissa Benoist


Lastly, we have Marley. The only one on this list who’s painfully straight, this girl is no less adorable or attractive for it. She’s soft, sweet, innocent, has a great relationship with her mother (their interactions are beautiful), and just wants to belong. On top of her endearing personality, she has a voice that’s more powerful than you’d expect from her cute-as-a-button looks.