img_20160226_114100.jpgI LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH! The end of this arc is as delightful and badass a read as the rest of the series. It’s brilliantly written and the art is so beautiful! I love it. I mean… I guess I am a sucker for a proper romance… But anyway! The creative team gives us everything we want from this story, and they give it to us brilliantly. Angela really loosens up now that she’s with the real Sera, and it’s so darn amusing to listen to their banter and watch them interact.

Ugh. I have the single issues but I’m still buying the trade too. Other people have to read this. I’m so proud of what this is; the way it represents trans people (because Sera makes this comic) and the LGBT+ community in general, as well as people of colour, mixed-racial relationships, kick-ass women with different kinds of strengths, the power that comes from having love and loving another… Cheesy as that last part may sound, it’s actually really beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, just look at the lines and colours! They’re gorgeous!