This is totally and completely indulgent, and I’m sorry if I sound like a horny little perv, but I have enough discussions about this topic to justify wanting to post it (for future reference, of course!)… These lists first started as a thing my then-girlfriend and I would make up to compare with each other in an “I would leave you for this person in a heartbeat” way. The other day, we compared our updated lists, and this is what I came up with. There’s no particular order to them, because it depends on my mood, but all these women (sorry, no men made the list) are favourites of mine. Coming up with a “top 5” list for real life people was harder for me. Maybe I’m just forgetting a bunch of people I like? Eh.

Real Life

Alix Wilton ReganAlix_Wilton_Regan

I first noticed Alix from her voice acting as Samantha Traynor in BioWare’s Mass Effect 3. Her London accent is absolutely delicious. Usually, I’m more attracted to lower pitched, huskier voices (like Jennifer Hale’s Commander Shepard) but there’s something about Alix’s timbre I really appreciate. When she needs to put emotion into it, oho gosh, is it ever present! Her work in BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition, as the female Inquisitor, is a fantastic example. So, clearly, I love her voice. But what is it about her as a person that makes her one of the five people I’d go with? She’s adorable!  It was this video that made me fall in love with her (if you’re low on time, skip to when they start drinking). A pretty face is nice, and she’s undeniably attractive, but it’s her personality I squealed at throughout the video.

Lucy Laxenawarriorsmilewless

Lucy is a sexy panther of a woman, and as Xena, she has held my admiration and fascination for longer than anyone on this list. As Xena, she’s tall, muscular, has more meat on her than a lot of women on TV nowadays (which I love). Lucy has a fantastic smile and gorgeous grey/blue eyes. She can be funny and kinda dirty sometimes, which is always a bonus. Even now, she still looks beautiful and elegant. But yeah. Lucy’s good in the other things she’s in, but it’s Xena I go wild for.

Sharon Belle794c6a9c3b57a9f3590912deb768a87d

Oh, goodness. When Sharon first enters the scene in Carmilla, tall as heck and wearing clothes I would love on any girl, with her red hair damp and messy from the shower… Let’s just say I was interested right away. And then she flips her hair and you see her face and wow, hello. Minimal make-up is a thing for me, and Sharon looks dang good that way. I love that she could be just any girl next door, because she’s not immediately striking (the way Catherine Zeta-Jones is), but she’s beautiful in a simple way. Personality-wise, she’s a big dork who laughs freely and gets enthusiastic about things. It’s lovely and adorable, and I wanna date her, please and thank you. To me, she’s the least intimidating of the list, which means I’d be more relaxed and enjoy spending time with her more. I also have a weakness for redheads.

Catherine Zeta-Jonespm_12631209

Striking. Beautiful. Graceful. Regal… In the Zorro films, she’s fiery and sensual. But wow, that face. I can’t take my eyes off her when she’s in a scene. I don’t know anything about her personality. This one’s all about looks (sorry!). If I had to describe an ideal type of beauty, it would be hers.


Fictional Characters

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Marvel)2765766-2765764-capt_marvel_jamie_mckelvie

Before reading Kelly Sue DeConnick’s version of Carol Danvers, I didn’t understand what all the fuss was over her. The Ms. Marvel comics I’d read were mediocre, and even a little annoying in the art department because of the way she’d been posed/drawn. But when I read Captain Marvel, I fell in love almost instantly. She loves to get right into the fight, punching things to her heart’s content. She’s powerful, strong, and determined, but she also has a heart and loves to play – especially with the people she cares about. Her relationship with Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman is one of my favourite things to see. They’re sassy and sarcastic, and will fight with each other, but there’s always love between them. [I ship them so hard…] I have this headcanon that Carol’s voice is done by Jennifer Hale. Turns out Hale actually does voice Carol in an old Avengers animated series! I was ecstatic when I found out.

3554157-meerriccaMiss America/America Chavez (Marvel)

Oh, America… My read-through of Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie was basically me ogling, drooling, and pining over America Chavez, fantasizing about all the ways I could get my hands under her shirt to feel those abs… I have a thing for any variation of Spanish/Hispanic/Latin American women, and not only does America check that, she’s also muscular and curvy. I love the wild curls and the clothes she wears, too. But I’m not all about appearances. After all, Kate Bishop (who I ship America with) physically matches another of my “types” but isn’t on this list. Personality plays a huge role in my continuing to sigh after someone. America is a bruiser. She’s rough, impatient, takes no bullshit, and would much rather punch an annoyance than wait it out or avoid it. She says what she’s thinking, unafraid of hurting feelings, and she has the power to back up any challenges she makes against you. There’s also a heart under that tough exterior, but it’s rare for her to show it. So naturally, I want desperately to see more of her soft side. Oh. And she’s a lesbian. *cue rejoicing choir*

Isabela (Dragon Age)collage_20150207005823753

Queen of the Eastern Seas, indeed! This rogue stole my heart the way no one else ever has (and she has yet to be topped). From her badass introduction in Dragon Age 2, to her delicious voice and accent (thanks to Victoria Kruger), to those sumptuous curves, Isabela certainly appeals to the senses. But what really got me were the mischievous, lewd personality and flirting. She loves her sass and sarcasm, and sometimes says things just to get a rise out of her friends (like Aveline). It’s also her first defense mechanism, which I can totally sympathize with. Playful exterior aside, Isabela has a heart of gold that’s surprisingly loyal and selfless when it matters, despite surviving most of her life by looking out for herself. She’s protective of Merrill, and she’ll shrug off her own feelings if Hawke chooses her friend over her. Because her loyalty and trust are so hard to gain (it develops over the course of about 7-8 years), it’s especially rewarding once you do have it. Even more so when she opens up and is vulnerable with Hawke. But that doesn’t happen often. What I love about Isabela is her easy, fun-loving nature and the minimal angst and lack of all-consuming romantic obsession.

Lliara cropiara T’Soni (Mass Effect)

The only one who can rival Isabela for my heart is this biotic blueberry. My feelings for Isabela may be marginally stronger (particularly in the lust department), but if I had to marry one of them, it’d be Liara. We’d simply be more compatible. She’s an introverted nerd who loves archaeology and can be socially awkward in the most adorable way.  There’s a naivety and warmth about her that remain even after major events force her personality to harden. With some maturity, Liara also develops confidence and a little sass that make Shepard’s banter with her in Mass Effect 2‘s “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC pure delight. After everything that happens throughout the trilogy, she still cares about Shepard, regardless of whether Shepard wants to have or continue a romantic relationship with her. She’s sweet and supportive, but her identity and strength don’t depend on Shepard. Liara’s fully capable on her own. She has her own life that doesn’t revolve around Shepard (a successful one at that). But if Shepard’s willing, she’d love to share her life with her.

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (DC)23414c0eb5af6d11deb705d25726e2c7

Remember that other type I mentioned earlier when I was talking about Kate Bishop? Dark hair, light to lightly tanned skin, tall, and with the ability to look intimidating. Wonder Woman is the queen of this type. Not surprising Lucy Lawless as Xena is on my list then, huh? However, it’s Diana’s heart that gets to me. In Gail Simone’s hands (which is the only way I’ll take her), she’s the perfect balance between the regal, dignified Amazon princess; the ambassador who chooses diplomacy and love before resorting to force; the genuine friend who doesn’t judge and is willing to forgive; the warrior with enough brains and power to single-handedly take down the Justice League… I think you get it. She’s a lot of amazing things. Before reading Gail Simone’s version of her, I didn’t understand what people were so fussed about. That changed quite drastically after my first proper encounter with Diana. She’s… amazing. And frikkin gorgeous.

So that’s it. Those are my two lists. There were supposed to be 5 in each but I couldn’t come up with a fifth real person I liked enough to put on the list. I had the opposite problem with the fictional character list. But anyway! Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Was this post inappropriate and unnecessary? Who would be on your lists? Let me know!