img_20160205_171716.jpgBy Greg Rucka, Philip Tan, & Jonathan Glapion.

There are parts of this book that make me want to give it 4 out of 5 stars, but I can’t give it that as a whole, because a good chunk of the book is just “decent”. Don’t get me wrong, I like this book. It’s an interesting, if not sort of creepy, read. But with Renee Montoya/The Question in the lead, and Rucka writing her (because he writes her best), it’s already good. Her interactions with Huntress are my favourite parts. You can see the foundation of a solid friendship being built between them. Additionally, their little bits of banter are the only relief in an otherwise dark, serious, apocalyptic story. Banter and characters’ chemistry with each other are the main things I look for.

I like the artwork, even though I’d prefer it to look a little less… gritty? But, the way Renee is drawn – oh goodness… *fans self* Those back and arm muscles? Those abs? That sports bra with the military-style pants? And combat boots? *sighs dreamily* Now there’s a woman I wouldn’t mind going on an apocalyptic world-saving adventure with. Or getting stabbed for (eh, Huntress? ;p). I mean, just look at her! No wonder she can hold her own with the supers… Yeah, I have a thing for Spanish/Latina women… *cough America Chavez cough* Italians too.

FC Revs - Montoya x Bertinelli

But yeah.

Um… Where was I?

51yqpyu2sgl-_sy344_bo1204203200_If you like both/either Renee Montoya or Helena Bertinelli, I’d recommend this book to you. I’d also recommend it if you’re checking out the “Final Crisis” event because you don’t need to know anything to understand what’s happening in this story. I haven’t read any other Final Crisis stuff, either. If you’re interested in some background as to how Renee got to the position she’s in at the start of this book, I’d point you in the direction of The Question: The Five Books of Blood also by Greg Rucka. I prefer that book to this one (again, not that Revelations is bad).

Overall rating: 3/5 stars