Okay, why isn’t this series getting more attention!? Death Vigil is FANTASTIC! So much charm and family, a little romance, plenty of danger, adventure, delightful character interactions and banter… You name it! Everything I want in a comic is here. The Vigil feels like the family it is. Everyone’s a little weird, but everyone’s accepted and loved. And then they go off to stop the monsters from coming into our world!

Bernie, aka. the Reaper, is adorkable and so gosh darn charming, you’ll grin whenever she’s in a scene. The main character, Clara, holds her own spotlight with the teasing, banter, and amusing reactions to things. Sam, who narrates for us, is a friendly bear of a man who’s like the big brother I always wanted. The entire cast is interesting and, at the very least, the heroes will entertain you, if not steal your heart.

There’s also a good amount in representation here. There’s a Chinese girl, a middle-aged Russian man, an senior America lady with an impressive amount of power, a little girl who turns into the monster the other monsters fear, a lesbian, a couple of gamers, an African American woman… I mean, whoa! All of them are characters first, and the aspects that stand out about them aren’t which minority group categories they fill. It’s beautiful.

If you’ve read Sunstone then you know how funny Sejic’s writing and characters can be, and how expressive his art is. [If you haven’t read Sunstone, then you should also read that ASAP. It’s more “adult” (as in, NSFW) but it’s not about sex.] I absolutely love it. Please, do yourself a favour and READ THIS BOOK!