By Amy Chu, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, & Ulises Arreola.

They nailed Pam’s personality and I love that Harley plays such a big role in her life. The way they interact with each other shows how Harley reminds Ivy of her humanity. Pam may be a plant-human hybrid, but she’s generally not fond of humans. Harley is the one person she seems to care about (even if she does get rather obsessed with her plants). I’m interested in seeing how their relationship is dealt with. So far, they already sound like an old married couple, bickering and putting up with each other’s craziness. It’s brilliant.

The artwork is GORGEOUS. I mean, wow. Those are bombshells if I ever saw them.

I’ve always liked Ivy and now that she has her own solo title, I’m thrilled they’re portraying her well. Fingers crossed for some explicit, undeniable, in-panel confirmation that Harley and Ivy are an actual romantic couple (rather than some Twitter posts in a Q&A).