By Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters, Kris Anka, & Matthew Wilson.Pretty darn good! I was worried not having Kelly Sue DeConnick at the helm would mean the quality of character would go down, but I still love Carol Danvers here! She maintains that same core Carol-ness (thank goodness). The img_20160127_171513.jpgart is lovely and our hero looks as badass as ever.

Okay, who am I kidding? Carol looks damn hot and ughhhh, why can’t she be real and just marry me?! That smirk… those muscles… that hair… that uniform… And if we’re going by the Marvel animated version with Jennifer Hale’s voice (which, by the way, I had as a head canon before I even found out she’d voiced Carol). I’d be dead.

A friend of mine says I have a thing for military women. Well… I mean, it just so happens that Carol Danvers, Kate Kane, and Jane (default) Shepard have a military background. I think it’s more of a confidence and strength thing. I admire women who have a lot of confidence because I wish I could be more like them. Either way, I’m terribly attracted to Carol, and women like her.