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February 2016

The Wicked + The Divine vol 3 (aka. wait… what?)

img_20160227_173932.jpg“Commercial Suicide” by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and a whole bunch of other artists!
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Angela: Queen of Hel #5 (aka. kick-ass LGBTQ+ representation)

img_20160226_114100.jpgI LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH! The end of this arc is as delightful and badass a read as the rest of the series. Continue reading “Angela: Queen of Hel #5 (aka. kick-ass LGBTQ+ representation)”

Death Wears Yellow Garters (aka. lesbians solve a murder mystery)

dwyg-e1442926271131Review: Death Wears Yellow Garters by Rae D Magdon.

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My lady loves (aka. women I’d bang in a heartbeat)

This is totally and completely indulgent, and I’m sorry if I sound like a horny little perv, but I have enough discussions about this topic to justify wanting to post it (for future reference, of course!)… These lists first started as a thing my then-girlfriend and I would make up to compare with each other in an “I would leave you for this person in a heartbeat” way. The other day, we compared our updated lists, and this is what I came up with. There’s no particular order to them, because it depends on my mood, but all these women (sorry, no men made the list) are favourites of mine. Coming up with a “top 5” list for real life people was harder for me. Maybe I’m just forgetting a bunch of people I like? Eh. Continue reading “My lady loves (aka. women I’d bang in a heartbeat)”

Florence + The Machine with ATH-M50x (aka. eargasm)

florence-and-the-machine-CeremonialsI’m listening to Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials album with my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. Stock earpads replaced with leatherette Brainwavz ones. Continue reading “Florence + The Machine with ATH-M50x (aka. eargasm)”

Final Crisis: Revelations (aka. Montoya’s muscles)

img_20160205_171716.jpgBy Greg Rucka, Philip Tan, & Jonathan Glapion. Continue reading “Final Crisis: Revelations (aka. Montoya’s muscles)”

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Things I Want From #DCRebirth –

Gamer Girl & Vixen #1 (aka. lesbian supervillains)


By Kristi McDowell, Sean Ian Mills, & Gemma Moody. Continue reading “Gamer Girl & Vixen #1 (aka. lesbian supervillains)”

Death Vigil (aka. the ragtag bunch of goofballs)

Okay, why isn’t this series getting more attention!? Death Vigil is FANTASTIC! Continue reading “Death Vigil (aka. the ragtag bunch of goofballs)”

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